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What Makes Saree Better than Salwar Kurta?

Two best traditional dresses for Indian women are saree and salwar kurta. Some people prefer salwar kurta as it is a great attire for working women while others find the six-yards more convenient because it looks more elegant and gives more comfort during the long summer days. Earlier, we used to buy garments from local garment stores, but after the evolution of ecommerce, Indian saree online shopping has become very popular. Online stores offer lots of varieties, the prices are less and they also deliver the product at your doorstep.

However, let’s not deviate from the main issue. Which attire is more preferable, saree or salwar? There is no doubt that the latter is more compact and easy to handle while moving in a public transport, but the former has several advantages as well. Salwar, no matter how costly it is, can never provide those benefits. Let me tell you why I prefer saree so much.

indian saree online shopping

Excellent attention grabber – Whether you wear a saree at office or a wedding reception, it immediately grabs everyone’s attention. If you drape it properly, it’s bound to turn everyone’s head whether you are born beautiful or not and that is the biggest edge that this six yards of elegance enjoy over salwar. It boosts your beauty and can even make a not so beautiful lady look stunning. It differentiates you in a crowd of hundreds.

Adapts to your figure – Women are very conscious about their figure and want to look perfect all the time. When you wear a salwar, you can neither hide nor show off your figure. On the contrary, saree is the perfect garment to hide your flaws. Anyone with any kind of figure can look beautiful in this Indian attire if she wears it properly. For example, if you are tall and slim, you should wrap it closely and use a long, unpleated pallu. This style will increase your height but won’t make you look too thin. On the other hand, if you are fat, wear it loosely and use a pleated, pinned pallu to hide the extra fat. This way, you will look elegant and not too fat.

It looks sexy – There is no doubt that a saree always looks sexier than a salwar. Salwar doesn’t offer much variety but sarees come in different materials such as cotton, net, georgette, tissue, silk and many more. As per your figure, you can choose the material and enhance the oomph factor. The greatest advantage of this traditional Indian dress is that while you look sexy, people don’t consider you cheap. For example, if you have a slim, beautiful waist line, tie the saree low and flaunt your waist through the sheer net material. You can also wear stylish blouse with it to grab more eyeballs. If you don’t find a beautiful saree at the local garment store, just open your computer and surf different websites for Indian saree online shopping.

Its roomy – If you think that it is complicated to handle, then you are wearing it the wrong way. When you drape it properly, it gives you enough room to walk freely and you can do all types of office work. Make sure that the pleats provide you enough leg space and the pallu sits properly at the top of your shoulder. Since this particular garment leaves enough body parts open, air passes thorough your body and helps you beat the heat.

Poise and grace – Anyone can wear a salwar, and that is why it does not attract people. It takes a certain level of poise and grace to carry a saree. You may not wear it while going to a nightclub, but in a marriage reception, stage anchoring or office party, it’s the best garment you can wear. The “hide some, reveal some” nature of this attire makes it the perfect dress for Indian women.

What is your opinion? If you have never tried a saree before, visit any Indian saree online shopping website today, buy one, wear it and share the reaction of your friends and family members with us.

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