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Indian Sweets: A Taste of Heaven and Bliss

The fact that an Indian meal is considered to be incomplete without sweets shows how crazy Indians are for sweets and desserts, which they locally call ‘mithai’. Just like we offer beverage when someone visits our home, Indians offer sweets and also take them along as a gift when visiting someone. Indian sweets are a unanimous choice when it comes to festival gifts in the country.

The basic ingredients in the sweets are cottage cheese, sugar, gram flour, ghee and condensed milk, which are combined in different proportions with other ingredients like dry fruits, milk, saffron, sugar syrup etc. to make the numerous sweetmeats you get in India.

indian sweets

Every sweet in India tastes unique and takes awfully long to cook properly, but the taste you get to relish in the end is well worth it. Given the fact that India is a conglomeration of several cultures is evident in its diverse sweetmeats which come in a variety of flavors, sizes, shapes and colors. While kheer, laddoo, barfi and peda are popular all over India, east is famous for milk-based sweetmeats like rasgulla, sandesh, chhena poda, jol-bhora etc.; north is well-known for ghee-based sweetmeats like balushahi, gajar ka halwa, gulab jamun, jalebi, imarti, motichoor laddu, sohan halwa etc.; south is popular for rice, dal and flour-based sweetmeats like ada, ariselu, boorelu, poortharekulu etc.; west is famous for baked, flour and milk-based sweetmeats like shrikhand, kaju katli, modak, shankarpali etc.

The various types of sweets you can get in India are: traditional Indian sweets like rabri, burfi, pedha etc.; flour based sweetmeats like halwa, malpua, mohan thal, laddo etc. Sweets in India are mostly made of mava/khowa i.e. condensed milk. Other ingredients like ghee or clarified butter, sugar, spices like cardamom, saffron etc. are added to enhance its flavor. Garnishing is usually done with dry fruits like almond, raisins, pistachios and so on. In fact, there is a whole different dessert that is made with almonds as its primary ingredient, and is called Badam ka halwa.

Traditional sweets are made in almost every Indian home during the religious festivals and functions. Some households do not even need a reason to make mithai; such is the sweet tooth that Indians possess.

Indian festivals are incomplete without desserts. In fact, every festival has a set of unique sweetmeats that are made during that time. If Diwali is incomplete without besan ka laddoo, gajar ka halwa and kheer; during holi and durga puja, kaju barfi and payesh are a must have; modak is indispensible during ganesh puja and muslim festivals are incomplete with sevaiya or vermicelli kheer.

Indian sweetmeats like gulab jamun, rasagolla, barfi, jalebi, pedha, halwa and so on are quite in demand in the foreign lands. And if you are one such person, you need not be sad because you can order Indian sweets online now. The desserts are all made with utmost care and under hygienic conditions and following original recipes. Hence, you can be sure of getting the authentic taste you have been longing to relish.

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