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Lehenga Choli: The Beautiful Attire of Indian Women

If you like the Indian Lehenga Choli but cannot get it in your local market, you need not worry as you can get lehenga choli online. Often, you get to see a greater variety online than you can at a market. The online stores keep all sorts of cuts and styles to suit the taste of every kind of customer. And the prices are reasonable too.

The attire is basically the traditional wear of women in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Sindh, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Uttarakhand. Besides lehenga choli, the attire is also known as Ghagra Choli and Chaniya Choli.

The whole outfit is a combination of a lehenga, a choli and a dupatta or chunri or odhni.

The lehenga which forms the bottom of the outfit is like a long flowing skirt which is often pleated and embroidered. The piece of clothing is secured at the waist with a draw string or elastic. Lehenga evolved from ‘Bhairnivasani’ which evolved from ‘Antariya’ when it was stitched on one side and became tabular and was worn by gathering it together at the waistline and holding it by a girdle. The ghagra which is today viewed as a gaudy piece of garment was once a clumsily stitched skirt. The attire is still worn in the rural parts of India and by Jain nuns.

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The choli that is worn with it is a blouse which is mostly body-hugging and midriff-baring. It is not only worn with lehenga but also with saris in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka beside India. A blouse in India generally has a low neck and short sleeves; this has been designed keeping the muggy summers of the South-Asian countries in mind.  Front-opening buttons and cut-out backs are some of the other features of a choli.

The dupatta, a long piece of cloth, hemmed and often embroidered, is used to cover the head and bosom.

This was a description of what the traditional attire is like. Fashion designers in the present times have come up with several new styles, cuts and fabrics, making the outfit fashionable. And all these trends can be found on the internet, if you choose to shop lehenga choli online.

Some of the recent trends in lehenga are:

  • Straight cut: This is the most preferred among wearers as it suits every body type. This style allows the lehenga to flow parallel down the figure, creating an optical illusion of thinness.
  • Paneled cut: This style gives flare and falls freely. A great variety of colors and embroidery is found in this style.
  • Mermaid cut: It remains tight till the knees but is flared after that.
  • Circular cut: This is the oldest cut that you can get in India. It involves a lot of pleats at the waist, giving much volume to the outfit. Women with a thin body look good in it.

 And as far as cholis are concerned, the number of cuts and styles are endless. You can choose the classic scooped neck which is a deep U cut; spaghetti strap choli; halter neck back; corset style; tie-up blouses; one shoulder style; peek-a-boo back; the spider-web back; the bejeweled barely-there back etc.

One place where you can get to see all these trends is at online Indian clothing shops. So, it is advised that you shop for lehenga choli online. This way, you can get not only the latest trends but affordable prices as well.

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