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    Indian Handicrafts

    Tips To Decorate Your Home Ethnically With Indian Handicrafts

    The booming Indian handicrafts industry is decentralized, cottage based, and highly labor intensive. Small manufacturers are usually found in rural areas spread across India and are some of the major sources of incomes for most rural communities. Though still largely a cottage industry, the Indian handicraft business has certainly evolved. According to reports, a consistent growth of about 15% has been seen in the last few years, making the handicraft industry a major contributor in foreign and export revenue generation.   Because of their beauty, high quality, and handmade appeal, Indian handicrafts have a very large market potential locally in India as well as abroad. Interior designers from the West…

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    Indian Clothing

    Reasons Why You Should Buy Indian Anarkali Dresses Online

    What was once considered old fashioned and traditional is now making a comeback, with more and more women wearing Anarkali dresses again. This combination of a frock-style top and slim-fitted bottom comes in a variety of colors, lengths, embroidery, and styles. If you are looking to get your very own Anarkali dress, you should buy one online. Here’s why:   Cheaper – Generally, products online are way cheaper compared to buying them from physical shops. The main reason is that online shops don’t have to pay expensive overhead fees. Store rental alone can spike up the prices of Anarkali dresses in brick and mortar shops.   Authentic products – The…