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Men’s Kurta Pajama – A Popular Ethnic Wear for Men

India is one the countries that has managed to hold on to its long tradition and rich culture amidst the rapid growth and influence of modernisation. One tangible proof is the Indian man’s unwavering appreciation and support of native Indian apparel. The men’s kurta pajama is a traditional and very popular ethnic garment Indian men have worn for centuries—and continue to wear with pride until now. Kurta pajamas are not only worn in traditional occasions; they are perfect for casual days, too, depending on the fabric and intricacy of the design.

Exactly why are kurta pajamas so popular with Indian men? Besides being flattering, a two-piece kurta pajama is also practical and very comfortable to wear. The term kurta pajama basically means a kurta and a pajama being worn together. A kurta is a long loose shirt that reaches to the knees and a pajama is a long and very light drawstring trouser. Although the construction of a kurta pajama might seem simple but the embroidery and quality of the cloth is what makes this suit very appealing and elegant.

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