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3 Most Popular Styles of Salwar Kameez This Summer

Summer is here—which means that it’s time to put away those faux fur coats and wool sweaters. Tired of your usual summer clothes? Purchase a gorgeous salwar kameez online in USA so you can freely roam the city streets in comfort and style.

The salwar kameez—also known as the Punjabi suit—is a traditional outfit that has transformed throughout the years. It is thought to have originated from the Mughals who were India’s former rulers. It has since evolved to suit modern taste and style, making it one of the best options to wear this summer. Here are the three most popular styles of salwar kameez:

  • Do not be afraid to show off your arms and go sleeveless. Modern versions of the salwar kameez are sleeveless or are designed with short sleeves. Freeing your arms will greatly affect your body temperature and keep you from heat-related illnesses such as heat stroke. Heat exhaustion affects thousands of people every day, especially during summer. During soaring temperatures of 104 degrees, it is best to go for sleeveless salwar kameez.
  • Choose a salwar kameez online in USA that is made with light fabric. A lightweight cotton blend tunic or kameez will make moving around easy, even with the searing heat. Other lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, voile, silk, and more are also suitable materials for a fantastic salwar kameez.
  • Purchase a salwar kameez online in USA in a light color. It is common knowledge that light colors absorb less heat compared to dark colors. Choose to wear a salwar kameez in white, yellow, pastel pink, or baby blue if you’re going out in the day time and staying in the sun. Save dark colors such as black, navy blue, forest green, etc. for night-time occasions.