Fashion Tips and Suggestion for Brides This Bridal Season

Every aspiring bride wants to look gorgeous and stunning on her bridal day, and one of the factors that will make her unforgettable is the dress. Many Indian brides may prefer the traditional red bridal dress, but others may prefer a contemporary look that will make them more memorable on their big day. The selection of Indian bridal dresses may overwhelm you, but as long as you know the following tips, you should be able to pick the perfect dress for your big day:

  • Your complexion matters – The color you choose for your bridal dress should depend on your skin tone or complexion. Fair-skinned brides can be more versatile in their choices. To make a statement, consider bright shades of red and pink, or any shade of blue. For something bolder, consider Indian bridal dresses in tangerine. Soft colors like light pink, light purple, mint green, and peach may flatter you if you want something muted and elegant.
  • Brides with wheatish complexions can pick any color on their Indian bridal dress, too. But for a glowing look, they should consider hues that will add warmth to their complexion, such as hot pink, vibrant red, saffron yellow, and bright orange. Olive-skinned brides can pull of any dark and rich color like brick red, burnt orange, and royal blue.
  • Check out what the stars are wearing – Bollywood stars can be your inspiration if you are looking for the perfect Indian bridal dresses. You can determine the styles that are currently on trend and try them, too.
  • Combine traditional and edgy – Instead of choosing only between contemporary and traditional Indian bridal dresses, go for something in between. An example would be an edgy blouse with a pre-stitched lehenga saree.
  • Check out online stores – Look up Indian bridal dresses to get an idea on best-selling styles. Some online stores carry a wide array of reasonably priced dresses, too, in case you are looking for something that will not blow your budget. Look out for clearance sales, too.
  • You do not have to follow the trends – The perfect Indian bridal dress is something that is made specifically to exude your unique personality and sense of style. So, you do not have to wear whatever is trendy or what other brides are wearing. As long you are happy with your choice and it suits you well, then you can feel more confident in your dress and look more stunning on your bridal day.