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Trendy Home Décor to Brighten Your Home Online

Living spaces can be instantly improved with the help of home décor online India. Traditional Indian home design elements will add a burst of colour to any space. Indian interior design styles are some of the most exotic and interestingly complex and elaborate décor styles to incorporate in any home. Their rich culture and history influence the great variety of artistic expressions across its many regions. The result is an exciting, almost eclectic mix of enchanting styles captured by the following traditional elements:

  • Vibrant (and varied) colours. If there’s one distinct thing about home décor online India, it is the bright and varied hues and colours that go into different interior elements. With intelligent use of colour variety, it is not difficult to create a cohesive design despite the vast colour palette that classic Indian home elements have. Choose earthy tones for the walls and floors and add bursts of yellows, pinks, and burnt oranges, with subtle hints of greens and blues sprinkled around through accent pieces to create a lovely mix of vibrant hues.
  • Opt for solid wood furniture to capture the ambiance of a classic Indian home. Traditional wooden pieces with curved legs and armrests offer an authentic Indian look, along with ornate carvings and metal inlay work. Look for wooden chests, bird cages, jharokas, and foot stools for an even more classic Indian touch. Combine style and function by adding decorative cabinets and storage units.
  • Indian home designs are also big on informal spaces that are meant for relaxed interaction. Use home décor online India pieces like diwans, ottomans, foot stools, sofas, and high chairs to create varying levels of seating. Carpets and rugs in colourful patterns are also great pieces to add along with other curios and interesting knick knacks for more decorative flair. Masks, diyas, clay pottery, crockery, and decorative boxes scream traditional Indian décor.