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Get a Fabulous Look with Terracotta Jewelry

Literally “baked earth,” terracotta jewellery India has a characteristic charm that’s unique to the hand crafted creation. An artform in and of itself, terracotta jewellery making follows age old principles of working natural clay, which gives jewellery, figures, and other handicrafts made in the style their unique flair. Traditionally used to create images of deities for festive ceremonies and occasions, terracotta figures can be found in sacred temples like Bishnupur, Birbhum, Murshidabad, and Hooghly, where you can also find many other great examples and outings of terracotta creativity. Today, terracotta is most well known as a jewellery and decorative crafting style. In fact, exotic designs of terracotta jewellery India create stellar Bohemian looks, especially when paired with bright outfits, made even more lustrous by terracotta’s hand painted, earthy hues.

Terracotta jewellery India are typically available in earthy palettes like green, grey, brown, blue, red, and pink. This traditional color scheming adds a characteristic, rustic touch to the pieces. Designs are usually in the form of spectacular patterns, animals, human figures, and tribal gods. Modern artisans also exercise freedom to depict more contemporary patterns and shapes that add flair to terracotta style jewellery from India.

Although terracotta jewellery art ad tradition is starting to dwindle due to the increased competition by more contemporary jewellery styles, there is still a large, and even growing market for terracotta around the globe, which is why traditional artisans are hopeful that their legacy will continue on. in fact, terracotta jewellery artists and designers are combining traditional techniques with modern methods in an exciting fusion of old and new styles, breathing new like into terracotta jewellery India. Today, you will find no shortage of jewellery pieces and accessories in terracotta style, many of which are available through specialty online stores that focus on Indian and Indian inspired goods.