Indian Food & Receipe

Enrich Your Dishes with Indian Spices Online

Do you miss the taste of real and authentic Indian cuisine? Don’t worry—you don’t need to travel all the way to India to buy spices because there are Indian groceries online. Simply visit their websites where you can conveniently buy a wide variety of Indian spices that are often out of stock or unavailable in Indian marketplaces in the US.

Cooking Indian dishes involves using herbs and spices that are imported from the East. You must also understand that there is more than one kind of cardamom and one color of mustard seed used in Indian delicacies. You should likewise know that there is a specific way of bringing out their flavors. By learning about these basic spices, you can cook flavorful and aromatic Indian dishes.


One of the reasons why Indian curries have a strong and lingering flavor is because of cumin. Like most Indian spices, cumin can complement other herbs. Freshly ground cumin must be dry-roasted, but you have to let it cool first before adding it to the mix.


Coriander is a type of spice that can also be added later for garnish. It is the main spice for making garam masala or different spice blends.


The two kinds of Cardamom that are always present in Indian cuisine are green and black. Green cardamom is light and sweet. It also has eucalyptus flavor. Meanwhile, black cardamom tastes smoky and can be too spicy if not used with caution.

Black pepper

Black pepper must be toasted or grounded first before it is added to dishes. This spice is hard to grow and is native to India.

Mustard seeds

Mustard seeds come in various colors such as black, yellow, and brown. In order to bring smoky and nutty taste to the dish, mustard seeds must be cooked in oil. You could also crush them before adding.