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Choosing a Gorgeous Terracotta Necklace Set

Literally “baked earth” jewellery, Terracotta jewels are made out of natural clay, which gives unfinished pieces their delightful reddish-brown hue. Some terracotta jewellery India makers add glaze for durability, along with other finishes that add colour. Terracotta is best known for its sturdy and hardy nature. The material is also waterproof. It is such a long-lasting material that ancient sculptures made out of the clay still remain intact to date. Terracotta clay was traditionally used to create images and figures of Hindu deities for ceremonies and festive occasions, besides its widespread use in jewellery-making and handicrafts. If you are interested in seeing terracotta creativity in all its glory, the temples of Birbhum, Murshidabad, Hooghly, and Bishnupur in West Bengal are shining examples of this. However, terracotta art doesn’t always have to be as grand as rising temples and surreal sculptures. Many great examples of terracotta art can in fact be worn in the form of necklaces, earrings, bangles, charms, and all kinds of exciting accessories.

Authentic terracotta jewellery India artists make are true works of art. Each piece requires extreme dedication to this labour-intensive artform and technique. Creating terracotta jewellery requires forming and moulding clay to the desired shape, baking it under the sun until it hardens, and then decorating it with fine details. Methods of creating terracotta jewellery have been derived from all kinds of pottery techniques. Pressing and moulding are commonly used tricks in terracotta jewellery India making, along with pressure casting, injection moulding, granulated pressing, and slip casting. Clay art is finished with diverse methods of decoration, from incising patterns on the surface to adding glaze and enamel to produce required effects. When choosing terracotta necklace and jewellery sets, always look for quality craftsmanship so you’ll be sure that your pieces are made to last. Authentic Indian jewellery are real works of art that can last to perpetuity with proper care.