Indian Jewelry

Why Indian Terracotta Jewelry is a Widespread Choice?

Terracotta translates to baked earth that is used in a wide range of handicrafts, including jewelry. Terracotta jewelry India has come to be widely recognized around the world for its unique charms and its creative possibilities. Terracotta clay, which is commonly used for sculptures, pottery, and other artifacts, also offers great potential as jewelry material. As a matter of fact, a lot of women and jewelry collectors love terracotta jewelry not only because of its diverse designs and forms, but because it offers an eco-friendly alternative to jewelry pieces.

Terracotta jewelry India offers a unique rustic beauty. The hand-crafted nature of this jewelry form gives it such a unique character. Each piece is different and difficult to replicate, so no two terracotta jewelry pieces are ever exactly the same. Terracotta jewelry India is iconic in style and form, which is why so many people have grown to love this ethnic jewelry style.

In addition to its iconic, traditional characteristics, terracotta jewelry India is also known for the bold color palettes that artists and designers use on each piece. Some of the most common choices include royal blues, vermilions, deep greens, vibrant yellows, and bold oranges, which all the more make terracotta pieces vibrant and eye-catching.

Traditional terracotta jewels also come in traditional Indian motifs such as lotus, peacock, and paisley patterns. Many designs also feature beautifully painted geometric shapes and other such patterns, which, when assembled together, create incredibly eye-catching designs. More modern takes on terracotta jewelry feature bohemian designs, such as the case for Indo-western trends, which pair well with elegant dinner dresses, silk sarees, and similar types of ensembles. Terracotta jewelry are such bold statement pieces that make for excellent conversation starters. They are not like your run of the mill crystals and precious stones, which you typically can’t or won’t wear on the daily. Another great thing about terracotta jewelry is that they are perfect for everyday wear as well as for pairing with your most elegant numbers.