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When people talk about traditional Indian clothing, they usually think about colorful sari pairings, as seen in Bollywood movies and features. The sari or lehenga/salwar kameez, however, is but one of the many traditional dresses and outfits that Indian women love to wear. If you are in the market for Indian traditional dress online, it pays knowing what other types of classic Indian clothing you can try out and invest in as you grow your Indian inspired wardrobe.

Saris are always great to have, not only because they are the most popular type of Indian clothing, but also because they are some of the most elegant and versatile pieces of clothing you’ll ever own. As a matter of fact, there are all kinds of sari-inspired looks that modern (and even western) designers now offer in their own collections. The salwar kameez, on the other hand, is a more common traditional wear in the north (saris are more prevalent in the southern regions of the country). Salwar kameez pairings consist of loose pants (salwar) and stylish shirt (kameez). 

The lehenga is a close cousin to the sari, only it comes in several pieces, including a heavily adorned long skirt, and mid-riff tops with a scarf or chuni that drapes many different ways. More modern women prefer lehengas over saris because they are much easier to wear and there are much less loose draping and fabric to work with.

Sharara and anarkali are also great examples of Indian-style clothing. These are more formal variations of the abovementioned salwar kameez (which is a typical everyday wear). Sharara pants are unique in that they consist of bell bottoms that flare dramatically starting from the point above the knee. Anarkalis, on the other hand, are long shirts that flow out, creating a beautiful flared silhouette.