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Creative Ideas for Choosing Kid’s Kurta Pajama Set

Attending a traditional Indian function with the family? Let your children wear unique kids kurta pajamas. The kurta is one of the most popular traditional clothing in India and across East Asia. It is a collarless shirt with a length that falls below the waist or knees of the wearer. It also comes complete with a pajama. The kurta is worn by both men and women (kurti for women) as well as kids. Through the years, it has evolved stylistically, so these days, you’ll find a lot of designs that can be worn every day and during formal occasions.

If you are looking for a kids’ kurta that is eye-catching and creative, here are some tips for you.

1. Look for a printed (instead of plain) kurta pajama set

You might notice that kids kurta sets are traditionally plain or have small embroidered decorations around the collar. If you want your kids to look unique, you can try a printed kurta and a plain pajama.

2. Opt for a plain white kurta.

If you are attending a national function like Independence Day and Republic Day, look for plain white kids’ kurta pajamas. All all-white outfit is a popular choice for male dignitaries. Make sure that the white kurta you are choosing has some Butti or Chikankari work in a white thread so that it doesn’t look too plain.

3. Choose a dhoti kurta.

Combining a kurta with a dhoti style pajama creates a beautiful kid’s ensemble. Some would even add a drape, making their little boys look like a real prince.

4. Pair the kurta with a jacket

Even a plain kurta will look formal if worn with a nicely fitted jacket. This combination is perfect for Indian weddings and other occasions. No need to buy the jacket separately because online stores sell a set complete with all the three pieces. If it’s your first-time buying kids traditional clothes online, then be sure to find out the exact measurement of your kid’s clothes. Check the quality of fabric to ensure they won’t cause skin irritation. Finally, read reviews about the shop before purchasing to know their reputation.