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Indian Traditional Dress Online – Get a Classy Look

Some of the distinguishable characteristics that you will notice about Indian traditional dresses online are their spectacular patterns and their craftsmanship. These details make them unique, classy, and more eye-catching than others. The dresses that Indian women wear perfectly portray the diversity and beauty of their culture while showing how meticulously these traditional garments are made. These are just some of the reasons why Indian dresses are loved across the globe.

If you want to have your own authentic Saree or Salwar Kameez but don’t have the time to travel all the way to India, then just buy online. You’ll discover a wide range of Indian traditional dresses online to choose from. Shop at ease and have fun shopping for elegant and colorful dresses. Don’t know which Indian traditional dresses to wear? Check this guide.

Saree – The staple Indian dress

This dress is long unstitched cloth ranging from around four to nine meters long, covering and draping around the body. The beauty of sarees is that they are simple yet elegant. That’s why silk red sarees embroidered with gold threads are often worn by Indian brides on their weddings. 

Lehenga Choli – For the brides-to-be

Getting married? Keep the Indian tradition alive by wearing this beautiful three-piece Indian wedding dress. This outfit is made up of (1) a choli, which is a cropped top with a short-sleeved bodice, (2) a lehenga or a long skirt, and (3) a dupatta that covers the entire body. Modern Indian brides sometimes choose a lehenga choli instead of a traditional saree because it hugs closer to their bodies. But just like a saree, a bridal lehenga choli is also embellished with embroidery, sequins, and colorful beads.

Kurti – For casual wear If you are looking for a comfortable yet classy Indian traditional dress online, buy a kurti. This dress is like a long shirt or blouse that falls below the waist or knees. It’s very comfy to wear, especially in the summer. You can wear kurti just about anywhere, even in the office.