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How to Cook Authentic Food Using a Tandoori Oven

A lot of factors can affect the final form, flavor, smell, and texture of food. One of these is the equipment you use for cooking. For Indian households and other west and south Asian communities, some of the most delicious, unforgettable comfort foods they enjoy are cooked with a tandoori oven. Think of it as a convection oven, barbecue, griddle, and a smoker in one. It resembles a cylindrical pot that is usually made of clay or cement, housed in a second encasement or freestanding. You can discover the different types when you start looking for a tandoori oven for sale online.

Cooking in a tandoori oven lets you experience traditional open fire cooking in India Traditional tandoori ovens are fueled by charcoal or wood fires placed at a reservoir at their bottom. When you buy a tandoori oven for sale, you can enjoy cooking many different dishes with it, particularly skewers and traditional breads. These recipes involve different cooking methods. For instance, if you are making bread, you need to make sure that pieces of the dough are slapped against the inner walls of the tandoori oven to be grilled. For skewers, you need to prepare the meat and place them skewered carefully into the tandoori.

Yogurt is the primary ingredient in marinades used in most tandoori dishes. It is suitable for marinating meats because of its natural acidity and the thickness, which helps hold the meat and keep the spices & herbs intact. Just be sure to choose plain yogurt, which is mild, so it does not drastically affect the taste of the meat. You may also opt to go yogurt-free, but be sure to apply the herbs and spices properly to keep the meat flavorful. Go for spices that can provide a red or yellow color to the meats that you will cook using the tandoori oven for sale. Examples include annatto seeds, saffron, coriander powder, garlic, ginger, garam masala, and turmeric.