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A tandoori over is cylindrical and is either made of steel or clay. It is cooking equipment that is used mainly to cook recipes of tandoor as well as different types of rotis and bread. These kinds of ovens can be large and permanent structures ensconced in a kitchen or outdoor area. Tandoori ovens for sale are available in small sizes, which can be carried easily from one place to another.

Regardless of the size and shape, all of them are operated typically by the same method. As mentioned above, tandoors are made of clay with some insulating material such as concrete or mud on the outside. They are cylindrical in shape and consist of the curve in the inward direction towards the top. The opening on the top is left clear to allow access to ventilation and heat.

Why are tandoors famous all over India for home cooking?

Exotic dishes are loved all over India; however, recipes prepared in tandoors have an exclusive taste. Though all kinds of food can be cooked in a gas stove, electric and microwave stove, the tandoor made food is much tastier as compared to the mentioned appliances.

Tandoori ovens give the food a smoky and exclusive taste; there are also various other advantages of cooking food a tandoor. Some benefits that can be availed by cooking items in these types of ovens are:

  • Low-calorie food

When you prepare dishes in a tandoor, it gets cooked in the natural juice; it has and doesn’t need any oil or butter. It means you can eat all your favorite food without getting stressed about calories.

  • Food cooked in tandoors give a real and natural flavor

When you cook food in a gas stove or microwave, the natural fragrance, as well as the food flavor, gets evaporated, and the real taste disappears. However, the dish cooked in tandoor maintains the real aroma.


Different kinds of tandoors are available in the market, and they can be purchased from the online store as well. Choose from the best tandoori ovens for sale as per your need, place the order and start making delicious cuisines.