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An outfit that screams simplicity and elegance, the Indian kids’ kurta has been favorite among kids. With fashion, the outfit has undergone various changes to give a new look every day of the year. With the creativity of fashionistas, a lot more can be done with a kurta to create a new look altogether. From the type of fabrics used in the making to the patterns and designs, you can find different ways to style the outfit without seeming it too monotonous.

Check out the different looks your kid can flaunt the next time you wear one!

Different kinds of kurtas

Button-down kurta

It has become quite a rage, making the cloth more comfortable to get into and style as well.

Long kurta

Long kurtas can make your kid look taller than he already is; it is perfect for them with a penchant for height. They can be paired with a churidar or pajamas.

Short kurta

These are no doubt in the trend that a kid can own. A perfect substitute for a t-shirt, you can wear it with a dhoti if there’s an occasion or a little one can even pair it with denim. These are no doubt perfect for a summer look. These are certainly the best option for kids kurta.

Ways to accessorize the kurta

Kurta pajamas, albeit perfectly elegant on their own, can give a more regal look if paired with the right accessories. From jewels to add-ons, you can experiment on your kid and start a trend for many others to follow.

Nehru jackets

A jacket paired with a kurta pajama will surely add to the beauty of the outfit when crafted with the right fabric.


Just like sherwanis, there’s no reason why a dupatta cannot be paired with a kurta pajama. If it’s a designer piece and you are flaunting at an event or a wedding, your kid can pair it with silk dupattas or elegantly drape a shawl.

You can browse from the best kids kurta collection and choose the one that best suits your little one.