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Pressure cooker – how it can help save time

Say you’re making a roast, a pot of beans, brown rice, soup or a stew on a Sunday night, however, it is taking a lot of time to prepare each dish and hence you mess up a couple of them. But what if you could have that same satisfaction and deliciousness in a fraction of that time, with only one pot to clean, save energy and money, improve the flavor, texture, and nutritional value of your food? The game-changer that is going to do this for you is the modern-day pressure cooker!

By cooking your pot roast under pressure for 35 or 40 minutes, instead of the 3 plus hours using conventional methods, you’re not only preserving vitamins and minerals, but you’re also preserving the flavor and essence of the dish. 

How does cooking in a pressure cooker help in saving fuel?

The higher heat helps the food to cook faster while the high pressure helps force liquid and moisture into the food quickly, and also helps certain foods, like tough meat, get very tender very quickly. The pressure cooker is highly efficient as it uses far less energy than many other appliances since it cooks so quickly and leverages the pressure powers of steam

What can you cook using the pressure cooker?

Almost anything! It cooks rice in just a few minutes, and it cooks tougher things like beans and chickpeas in much less than an hour. It is very good for foods that need to be tenderized like braised meats and roasts. But people have cooked all kinds of other things in it, too, like hard- or soft-boiled eggs. But it is used most frequently around the world for beans and pulses, stews, and vegetables.

What are other benefits of pressure cooker?

Pressure cooking was shown to be the best method for preserving the ascorbic acid and beta-carotene in spinach and amaranth. Also, Pressure cooking uses very little water compared to many other cooking methods, essentially acting like a steam cooker where the steam is not allowed to escape easily. Less water comes into contact with your food to leach away vitamins and minerals. It is an excellent choice for last-minute meals as well.

The best pressure cooker?

Kitchens are now in a steel revolution mode with most utensils are transforming towards steel. Among the latest is the stainless-steel pressure cooker, which is an excellent choice for ideal cooking. Major advantages over other alternatives include 1) Easy to Clean 2) Guaranteed Longevity 3) Scratch Resistant 4) Uniform Heat Distribution and 5) Safe to use. Safe to say, the stainless-steel pressure cooker is the best pressure cooker for home use.

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