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The unique flavor and uses of mustard oil

Some ingredients can never be replaced in an Indian kitchen, one such ingredient is mustard oil (sarson ka tel). Not only is it essential in creating various regional delicacies, but its uses are also manifold and extend beyond the confines of the kitchen. Extracted from the seeds of the mustard plant (white, brown and black), it has miraculous properties and therefore is used as a remedy to treat cold, boost immunity, encourage hair growth, oral health, so on and so forth.

The health benefits of mustard oil beat any other oil on the market shelf, as it has an optimum ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. It might take a while for your tastebuds to get used to its pungent flavor but once you get past it, you will find yourself drawn to its distinct taste.

Used for centuries, most people use this oil only for cooking. But there are many more benefits of mustard oil. After reading this, you’ll be amazed to know the vast uses of mustard oil.

Mustard Oil Benefit

1.Cooking with Mustard Oil

Containing a high amount of healthy fats (MUFA, PUFA, Omega-3,6), mustard oil is good for proper body functioning as these fatty acids lower the risk of developing heart disease by almost half. It is also a powerful natural stimulant. It improves digestion and appetite by stimulating digestive juices and bile in the liver and spleen. 

2.Mustard Oil for Skin

Mustard oil is loaded with vitamin E, an essential nutrient for the skin. Therefore, when applied to the skin, it is said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and acts as a sunscreen. Traditionally, in India, babies are often massaged with mustard oil. 

It is also said to help in removing tan and dark spots when used along with other ingredients to make face masks. Further, one can also massage the skin with equal quantities of mustard oil and coconut oil to improve skin tone.

3.Mustard Oil for Pain

Mustard oil has been an age-old ingredient for the treatment of cough and cold. This is because of its heating property that helps in clearing congestion and cough from the respiratory tract, often helpful in clearing sinuses.  Mustard oil steam treatment is often recommended as a home remedy, and you can also rub about a teaspoon of it on your chest before sleeping to let it work its magic. Mustard oil is also rich in omega 3 fatty acid which decreases inflammation and relieves pain caused by conditions like arthritis.

4.Mustard Oil uses for Hair

Travel to the North or Eastern India and you will find almost every household swearing by the incredible property of mustard oil for hair growth. Mustard oil contains beta-carotene which is excellent for hair growth when massaged into the scalp. It activates blood circulation, and its antibacterial properties prevent scalp infections.

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