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    The Characteristics of Indian Traditional Dresses Designs Online

    Diversity is one of the characteristics defining India, and it is evident in the country’s traditions, culture, and clothing. The dresses, in particular, are notable for their unique designs and the way they reflect the cultures and traditions of different areas. You can find many of the popular types of Indian traditional dress online, within easy reach for you in the USA, but sourced from Indian merchants. This means you do not have to go to India to buy an appropriate dress for a specific occasion. You can buy wholesale or retail from different merchants and checkout in one simple process rather than paying every shop individually. You can discover…

  • Stories from India

    Trendy Home Décor to Brighten Your Home Online

    Living spaces can be instantly improved with the help of home décor online India. Traditional Indian home design elements will add a burst of colour to any space. Indian interior design styles are some of the most exotic and interestingly complex and elaborate décor styles to incorporate in any home. Their rich culture and history influence the great variety of artistic expressions across its many regions. The result is an exciting, almost eclectic mix of enchanting styles captured by the following traditional elements: Vibrant (and varied) colours. If there’s one distinct thing about home décor online India, it is the bright and varied hues and colours that go into different…

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    Stories from India

    Just a Cup of Chai Brings back so many memories of India!

    We bring to you stories of our community members about different topics that touch their heart. This story about why “India runs on Chai” by Shikha Maggon from New Jersey will remind you of those chai moments with your family. “ There is nothing better than a cup of Tea when you’re in India. Many of my American friends ask me that Why I love tea so much? Being an Indian living in America, I have an essence of India in my soul. Tasting up the sip of authentic Indian chai is an absolute bliss. In India, chai means everything. The only thing that I miss in America is Maa…