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History of Indian Pickles

Pickle is having a history of thousands of years as it began around 4000 years ago in India. The process is however even older and is as ancient as our civilization: People first started salting and curing food in brines to preserve it for long journeys. The word ‘pickle’ itself comes from the Dutch word pekel, meaning brine. But what about achar; where did that come from? Although the origin of the word is ambiguous, the word achar is widely considered to be of Persian origin. Achar in Persian is defined as ‘powdered or salted meats, pickles, or fruits, preserved in salt, vinegar, honey, or syrup’. 

No summer holidays at Grandma’s home were complete without those big white ceramic jars sitting out in the sun on the terrace, filled to the brim with mouthwatering pickles. One can hardly ever imagine an Indian platter without a spoonful of India’s achar (pickles). But, how many of us know how this spicy marinade seeped into Indian culinary tradition? Is there any history of Pickles??? The answer is yes!

Pickling was a very useful way to preserve non-seasonal food that could be used for a long journey especially by sea (for sailors and travellers).  Meat, vegetables, and fruits are used for making pickles. It is said that Columbus and his team while on his voyage of discovery got victuals, food provisions, fruits vegetables and meats of the pickled variety to survive during a journey.

Depending upon concoctions of spices and flavors that are accustomed in it, every region in India has its own traditional pickles. All Indians have dozens of pickles at their disposal: assorted or mixed pickles, lime, chili, gooseberry — the list of Indian pickles goes on. It is said that almost anything can be pickled – from vegetables, fruits, berries and gourds to leaves, shoots and roots, and even chicken, prawn, and fish.

Whether it’s the Pandu Mirapakaya Pachadi (Chilli Pickle) from Andhra Pradesh, the Tomato Thokku(Tomato Pickle) from Tamil Nadu or Puliyinchi(Ginger Pickle) from Kerala, South Indian Pickles pack a punch with zesty, sweet, sour and exotic flavors. Making less delicious food more delicious, these pickles can go with any meal!

Yet, no pickle is loved by Indians more than mango, the most famous among the lot. The lip-smacking and tongue tapping taste makes the Indian mango pickle (Aam ka Achaar) the most sought-after pickle around the globe! You will also find a jar of lemon pickle that is a part of every kitchen collection. The Indian Lemon pickle (Nimboo ka achar) could be sour, sweet, dry, wet, raw or ripe.  Most of the time, lemon is pickled with green chilies, ginger and salt. Eating curd-rice with lime pickle is a very common delicacy.

Opening a jar of pickles is universally euphoric with the aromas of the spices luring you back to childhood! What are you waiting for? Buy your favorite South Indian Pickles Online at with just a few clicks!