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    Exploring Essential Indian Cookware: Pots, Pans, and Utensils

    Indian cuisine is renowned for its rich flavors, vibrant colors, and complex aromas. Achieving the authenticity and depth of traditional Indian dishes relies heavily on the right cookware. From versatile pans to specialized pots, Indian cookware plays a crucial role in the preparation and presentation of the food. This article explores the most common pots, pans, and utensils used in Indian cooking, emphasizing their significance and functionality to help you understand what is needed in an Indian kitchen. Each cookware is identified with an image so you can easily find it when shopping for it. The Versatile Kadai The kadai, sometimes spelled karahi, is a staple in Indian kitchens. This…

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    The brief history of Tandoor Ovens

    Grilled food is a delight in every bite. In India and other countries, tandoors are used for cooking food. The history of tandoor ovens takes us back by at least 5500 years to the Indus Valley and Harappan civilizations of ancient India. Traces of using tandoors were found while the archeologists dug these historical sites. It was not just limited to the Indian subcontinent; people used tandoor in West and Central Asia. The modern tandoor was brought to India by the Mughals. Portable tandoor was then invented years later. This portable tandoor was carried wherever the cook traveled. Tandoor ovens used to be large and permanent structures in the kitchen…

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    Pressure cooker – how it can help save time

    Say you’re making a roast, a pot of beans, brown rice, soup or a stew on a Sunday night, however, it is taking a lot of time to prepare each dish and hence you mess up a couple of them. But what if you could have that same satisfaction and deliciousness in a fraction of that time, with only one pot to clean, save energy and money, improve the flavor, texture, and nutritional value of your food? The game-changer that is going to do this for you is the modern-day pressure cooker! By cooking your pot roast under pressure for 35 or 40 minutes, instead of the 3 plus hours…