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Accessories Form An Important Part Of A Woman’s Ensemble

In the world of fashion, accessories are just as important as clothes. While clothing make for the outfit, accessories are what complete your look. It is clothes and accessories together that create an ensemble that expresses your personal style. So, girls you are not really wrong if you indulge in shopping for accessories. Accessories are indeed important and becoming more so with each passing day, especially as far as Indian accessories for girls are concerned.

Accessories or add-ons are nothing new. They have been there since centuries. While the ancient women wore accessories made up of natural things, like animal bones and also that of gold and silver, modern women do the same, only the designs have become contemporary. However, saying that too won’t be very correct because it is not rare to see modern girls adorn their mother’s or grandmother’s jewellery. So, you see the accessory called ornaments may be called to have a timeless charm. Apart from ornaments, women have always carried bags of various sizes. This accessory too has evolved a lot, while in the ancient days they were generally made up of leather, jute, cotton, etc., in the contemporary times several new kind of materials have come up with which bags are being made.

There is generally a standard set of add-ons that women wear. The pieces noted here are compatible and versatile enough to suit any wardrobe. If you have the following list, you can be sure to attend any occasion.

girls accessories

Pearl Necklace

A pearl necklace is a timeless piece of ornament that is beautiful and elegant. You can wear it with almost any outfit and look gorgeous. So, do not hesitate to spend a little more than usual on a pearl necklace, you will not regret it. This not only forms a favorite accessory for the western women is but is also one of the favorite Indian accessories for girls.


If you wear trousers, this is a staple accessory. It is better to choose a belt that is either black or brown, as these are the two colours that go with almost any outfit. If yo do not want to own two, you can get yourself a reversible belt that features brown and black on either sides. Belts are a must accessory that gives you a polished look.

Indian girls accessories

Statement necklace

A statement necklace should be a piece of ornament that reflects your style and taste. Once you get it, it can be your new go-to accessory. It can be your pick on days when you are in a rush. It can be anything from a dainty and feminine piece to one that is bright and bold.

Leather handbag

This spells style, elegance and utility. Any woman, irrespective of her being working or not, a leather handbad is indeed a must have, again preferably in black or brown.

Indian accessories for women

Accessories for Indian women need to be mentioned seperately because Indian women have a whole different set of it, which includes toe ring, anklets, waistbands, bangles, finger rings, mangalsutra for married women, nose ring, earrings, mangtika and of course, bindi. These accessories are generally seen to be adorned by an Indian bride. Besides, the sandal that a bride wears is also of utmost importance, as that is what completes her look. She can choose either a pair of flats or heels. Nowadays, nice handmade bridal sandals are available that are generally silver or golden in colour and are studded with fake gems, giving the sandals a bright and festive look.

Accessories are indeed an inseparable part of a woman’s ensemble, and Indian accessories for girls are something that an Indian bride cannot simply do without.

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