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3 Bedazzling Traditional Indian Attire that Are a Must for Your Wardrobe

No matter in which country you make your new home, an Indian can never forget their traditions. Culture goes beyond ruined monuments and tales of battlefields. True ‘Indianism’ is reflected in the people, their colorful apparel and the way they carry them. Above all things, clothes are probably the most recognizable aspect of India. Clichéd as it may be, the Indian ethnicity is best represented by its jewelry and dresses. Wearing traditional clothes gives a singular feeling of belonging.

The pointers below will help you find out beautiful traditional clothes even when you are abroad, say in the US. Find out what options are available for you and also learn about the offers and discounts that you can avail on your favorite pieces.

  • Shawls/Stoles: To protect yourself from the chilly wind in the winter, shawls and stoles are always a fashionable and practical option. Whether you are dressed in an Indian attire or western, these shawls and stoles will match and even enhance your style. Moreover, you can avail handsome discounts and free shipping on these warm and stylish shawls if you can find the right reliable sellers.
  • Kurtis/Suits: The sheer variety is incredible here with printed, dyed, embroidered, appliquéd and more. Kurtis will not leave any stone unturned in making your day brighter. These Kurtis can be matched elegantly with leggings or denim jeans. If you want, you can buy the full suit as well. There are a variety of suits available from famous manufacturing bases including Anarkali and Patiala. Also, the discounts make them a sweeter deal.
  • Saree: Few garments embody Indian traditional fashion like a beautiful Saree. From Kanchipuram to Bhagalpur, you are sure to find the amalgamation of the various traditions of India. 5-10% discounts on these Sarees are common, and some online retailers also offer free shipping.

Shopping online is definitely a better option than depending on a relative or friend to ship them from back home. You have complete control of the designs and styles along with the option to look for alternatives should you change your mind.