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History and evolution of Indian kurtis

Indian kurtis are sort of mini versions of conventional long kurta worn in North India which has now become known globally. This beautiful smaller version of kurta has managed to spread its charm all around the world and has become quite a fashion statement. Fashion enthusiasts love sporting designer kurtis. The face of fashion changes constantly but the changing times have not changed kurti and its fashion. Different works and patterns are designed on kurtis and in various colors, materials and styles. Materials like chiffon, georgette and cotton are used to craft various styles of kurtis like beaded ones, blouses, tunics and kaftans.

The huge popularity and demand of this outfit has prompted many companies to start designing and manufacturing this item in various styles, each one trying to be more innovative than the last. The latest trends in fashion are followed while manufacturing them so that they can fulfill all the aspirations of the younger as well as older generations. The designs are eye-catching, stitching immaculate and finishing timeless so as to satisfy the fashion loving and fashion conscious ladies. They are available both offline as well as online.

Indian Kurtis

In the western world, male community wore the tunic during religious ceremonies teamed with toga underneath it. The wearer’s status was reflected by the tunic which had ornamentation and stripes on it and these things gave both the outfit as well as the wearer the importance they deserved. After some centuries, the Indian counterpart was born and became popular as kurti or kameez. Indian kurtis have now become a fashion statement. Not only Indians but even foreigners fall in love with this beautiful outfit. However, now it has shed its traditional tag and has become more stylized, synching well with the modern era.

This article of clothing can be furnished by almost any kind of fabric. You can get a striking and terrific kurti made out of materials like cotton, silk, crepe, georgette, chiffon, etc. The material selection is dependent on occasions of wearing them. Nowadays, khadi kurtis have become very popular.

Indian Kurtis Online

Embroidered kurtis are favored by everyone. They are not too loud but look very chique. There are different kinds of embroideries to choose from like applique, cut-work, chikankari, etc and these are especially very popular among office-goers for the subtle charm in them. A modern and gorgeous look can be achieved if you wear kurtis with bead-works and stone-work.

The most attractive and distinguishing factor of kurtis is that various styles can be adopted so that the specific occasion for wearing it can be fulfilled. They are available in simple fitted type as per the measurements of the wearer as possible. You can also get them in Angrakha style which is reminiscent of tunics that were worn by royal court musicians. Kurta-style and A-line styles are other varieties. However, no matter what the style of Indian kurtis, they are most comfortable to wear and can be worn for every occasion. College and office-goers love wearing it due to the flexibility and mobility that the outfit offers, accounting for its popularity.