Indian Jewelry

Look Gorgeous with Traditional Indian Jewelries

Any look no matter how much effort is put to achieve it, is not complete without proper accessories and for an Indian woman the best accessory is the various kinds of jewelries that she has as options. India is rich in tradition and also in the department of ethnic Indian jewelry which add that special something to the entire look of an India woman, adding that essential Indian sweetness to her whole outfit. These days most people have grown alert to the beauty and appeal of Indian accessories. In fact many actresses wear these with much aplomb on the red carpet.

Chandelier earrings or jhumkas- The most popular item of jewelry in India, jhumkas even have many Bollywood songs dedicated to them. Beautiful and bold, they frame and enhance the face of the wearer. It looks on almost anybody and beautifully complements the gorgeous Indian attires. Small simple ones are good for a nice touch with daily outfit. While a big, intricately crafted jhumka looks best with heavily embroidered sarees or salwars.

traditional indian jewelryLong necklaces- Necklaces have always been popular but these days the traditional necklaces that come in a slightly longer version have made a comeback. Originally, only brides used to prefer these so that the entire neck looked filled up. But these days many people who want to make an impression and look their glamorous best at weddings and other such functions wear these. In fact, the latest style is to wear necklaces that come in at least three strings. They look elegant and sophisticated but without being too jazzy.

Nose rings- Nose rings have made it back to the fashion center stage among the types of Indian jewelry; thanks to the interests tickled by the budding Bollywood fashionistas. After some ladies sported large nose rings on various red carpets, nose ring has gained immense popularity and favoritism. You can wear small nose studs with almost anything, even with western outfits. But if you are going the full Indian traditional outfit way and want to look so glamorous that heads turn to see you, then a big bold nose ring is for you.

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Maangtika- Another jewelry that has jumped on the popularity bandwagon is the maangtika. Traditionally for the brides, maangtikas were must and had to be worn on the top of the forehead, right in the middle, marking the position where the vermillion is supposed to be. But these days maangtikas add to the glam factor. A big round maangtika is all you need to add some oomph and glamor.

Armlet- Bracelet is quite common in western cultures but in Indian culture armlet used to be quite popular. Even now in some occasions an intricate armlet adds to that X-factor in the entire appearance of the person. It is a unique blend of tradition with modern.

Indian jewelry consists of a rich legacy. Women loved and still love to wear these accessories that adorn different parts of a body. The timeless appeal of jewelry has prompted designers and craftsmen to bring back traditional patterns.