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7 Indian Sweets and Snacks You Must Try

Indian food is very famous all over the world for its variety of dishes and use of spices. Whether its the snacks, main course or desserts, this Asian country can compete with any famous culinary culture proudly. The popularity of Indian foods captured the attention of businessmen and they have decided to sell Indian foods online. However, as main dishes are tough to pack and send via courier, more and more e-commerce businesses are concentrating on Indian sweets and snacks. People place orders for packed snacks and sweets online, pay using credit card and they deliver the delicacies at customers’ doorsteps.

However, before you order Indian sweets online, it is important to know which sweets and snacks you must try. Here is a list of most popular Indian sweets and snacks for you.

indian sweets and snacks

Dahi-puri: This snack originated from Maharastra and later became famous all over India. A plate of dahi-puri contains some small puris, smashed potato mixed with various spices and curd. The smashed potato is kept inside the small puris or golgappa and curd is poured inside to create the perfect balance of sweet and sour.

Bhelpuri: A walk on the beach is never complete without a plate of bhelpuri. This savory dish is made using puffed rice, tamarind sauce, coconut and various vegetables. It is very tasty and lightweight. If you are health conscious, then this is a very good food to consume because it contains lots of green vegetables.

indian sweets

Samosa: It is generally served at tea time, but you can eat it anytime. It is a potato and vegetables filled flour pastry, triangular in shape and deep fried.

Chole bhature: It you want a filling snack, then this one is the perfect one. It is heavy and ideal for breakfast. Chole bhature is a combination of chole, and flour made deep fried bread called bhature. When eaten together, this dish tastes fabulous.

Gajar ka halwa: It is hard to find an Indian who never tasted this dish at least once in his life. It is made using carrot, water, sugar and milk. Once it is cooked, almonds and cashew-nuts are sauteed in ghee and spread on to the cooked dish for added flavor and garnishing.

indian snacks

Gulab jamun: This dessert is very popular across all the states in India. It is cooked using milk solids or khoya. The khoya is massaged into a dough using small quantity of flour. Once the khoya is soft, it is shaped into small rounds and then deep fried for several minutes. Once the balls become golden brown, they are soaked in a light sugar syrup, flavored with rosewater and saffron.

Rasgulla: It is a cottage cheese based, syrupy dessert, very popular in West Bengal and Orissa. It is generally white in color and fluffy in nature.

So, these are some of the choices you have. There are lots of other Indian sweets and snacks available on web. If you want to try other delicacies, then visit an online store today. Just make sure that they deliver fresh food items and price is reasonable.